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Earthship New Zealand

Living for tomorrow, today...

3 weeks work on the miniship in North Canterbury has just finished, leaving our beautiful golden domed temple very nearly finished.  We did final plaster on the roof, followerd by sealing and coloring the dome. Water catchment was built, plastered and sealed with a slope for water to run to the scupper (built from rebar and plastered) to bring the water direct to the barrel. The exterior walls too alot to pack out with cans, before getting to planster, and will get a green sealer to complete the outside.

Inside, the walls were given numerous plaster coats of cob (clay soil, sand, straw or wheat paste and slaked lime) to pack out the tyres and sculpt around the window and door. Inside the ceiling, the fabric was removed, and a lime wash was painted on in 2 coats. Outside, we built a seat and a planter, and we also installed a beautiful wee fire.

Big thank you to everyone involved, final final finishes (interior plaster, floor and tile) will happen in spring.

A full set of images and a video walk through are here at Earthship New Zealand (on fb) and anyone is welcome to contact me with questions or requests.


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