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This page is where, if you are not a facebook user, you can post questions about Earthships in NZ and we will attempt to answer them. The Earthship Facebook Group is our preferred channel for comments and conversations about building earthships in NZ as that way there is a whole lot more people who might be able to answer your questions than just the people that administer this website. 

We would like to hear your feedback about the website and how you think it could be improved.

We just developed a ‘Frequently asked questions” page that will hopefully address most of the general questions that people have about building earthships in NZ.

Feel free to comment on this page with suggestions for good information or links that you think would be useful to have on this site.

From the website admin team – Dana, Liz and Rosa

19 thoughts on “Q & A

  1. Hi I tried to send an e- mail but no joy , doesnt work, so Hi, My name is Sam i live in auckland, and I would like to know more about the Earthship Internship process please and or how to go about even just volunteering :), I have had a little experience labouring on the Earth Song project at Ranui about 10 years ago with Allen Drayton Bio builders for about 2 months it was Rammed Earth work,I’m very Keen but understand you must be very busy so i hope to get an e- mail sometime in the future? yours sincerely Sam.

  2. HI Sam. We will add you to our list of people interested in the Waiheke earthship build. When we have got the building consent we will commence an application process to recruit interns for the build. We will also be posting info on this website and on facebook. There doesn’t appear to be any problem with the email so not sure wny you had no joy with emailing us. Thanks for getting in touch. Liz

  3. Hi … I’m most interested in earthships and very interested in gathering all info required to build ourselves an earthship. Would you be able to give me a ball park figure of likely cost (either per m2 or a total figure to build an earthship of approx 120m2 for a comfortable stylish build.

    Many thanks … David

  4. Hi Anna. The news and events page on the website has updates on the Waiheke earthship project and if you subscribe to the mailing list any updates posted on the website will be sent in an email to you at the end of each month. The timing of the Waiheke earthship build is uncertain at this point as we are still waiting on plans from architects. We will post a fuller update shortly.

  5. Hi I have jointed to the email list but I haven’t received any confirmation to my address. Maybe is to soon, but just to check if I am part of it…. Can’t wait to get News about it!!! :) Cheers


  6. Hello,

    I would like to have an earth ship built in NZ.
    I don’t want to build it myself but would like to pay someone else to build it for me.
    Are there companies offering this?

  7. Hello,

    I would like to have an earth ship built in NZ.
    I don’t want to build it myself but would like to pay someone else to build it for me.
    Are there companies offering this?

  8. Seen information on this. It said as cheap as $7000usd for basic mode,l would that include wind power generator and solar panels if that figure was correct.

  9. Hi i have a property in small town nz, Hunterville. is there anyway that there could be some sort of arrangement that a workshop could be held at my property to build an earthship ? my thought being that i could provide the food and some form of accommodation for a group that you would be running a workshop for… as in, you get the paying workshop group together for your workshop at my property but i pay/fund to feed them? i guess it sounds abit farout of me to ask but as i am a single woman raising my grandchildren i really dont think i could undertake this on my own.. but the property i own is 6 acres and in a lovely spot.. it could become a place people could come to see an earthship and may invoke others to try it..all to help to work at changing our lives for the better.. i would be willing to help promote the workshop and do whatever maybe required to help get this done.. and yes i do realise its very forward of me but you dont know if you ask…

  10. Hi I am interested in some specific information about cost for the upcoming Te Timatanga Coromandel Penninsula Project starting in mid Jan. What is the cost for the 8 week internship?

  11. Hi all,
    I am immersed in the Earthship idea for more than 3 years now and didnt have as great opportunity to join building site as will be this one. Dont have to stress that my best friend and partner in one, Martin, wants to build one day our own too.We want to know who from the close Mike Reynold crew will be present in Coromandel or what level of experience people who’ll run the building process have. Will be very grateful to get more info. Thank you

  12. Does anyone know the regulations for building an earthship in Dunedin? I am wanting to build one in Pine Hill.

  13. Hi,
    I am looking a sola mill to generate power on the buiding site etc. Can anyone give me some basics about what we need to be looking for in terms of power supplies. While I can follow the basics, the experts speak a foreign language until you start speaking dollars anc cents. The mill looks great…but it would be good to know how power was driven on site and beyond. If nz earthships were built off the grid what solar units were used? What was the initial out lay for it?
    I came also keen to do some intern work for the experience and will do anything…while prepping for our home build.


  14. Hi there
    i was doing some research on using glass bottles as part of underfloor insulation and came across your group. Id love to hear any update or advice on this technique!

  15. I noticed some pictures on your home page and was wondering what model they are from? The one with the fireplace and living room? Also the one with the bedroom and red sheets? and lastly the one with the kitchen and banana plants?

    Thanks Darin

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