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Training & Volunteering Overseas

Many kiwis travel to learn, so on this page you can find out about Earthship workshops, builds and seminars happening in other parts of the world.  Being an intern or volunteer on a start to finish build is a good way to get a real understanding of how earthships hang together. We will post opportunities to be involved as an intern with Earthship Biotecture here as they came up.

Another way of training and getting an understanding of Earthship is to attend the academy in New Mexico, at the Earthship Headquarters.


Do you want to learn how to build an Earthship? Do you want to get inspired and motivated by some of Australia’s most experienced Earthship builders and designers? 

Earthship Ironbank is not just any Earthship… it is the first in Australia to be “sanctioned” by Earthship Biotecture (Taos, USA) and the first to be fully approved by local government! It will also be the first Bed and Breakfast Earthship in Australia, open to all who wish to experience the wonders of Earthship living. Applications close late Nov.

Aside from being a BnB, Earthship Ironbank will also be a test site for developing sustainable technology and proving the Earthship design in the Mediterranean climate. Temperature sensors will be installed to measure indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, replicating the study Marty conducted in six Earthships in Taos as part of his PhD. This will find out how well the Earthship copes with days of scorching heat and weeks of overcast wintery weather. The indoor planter – which was not approved for greywater use – will be the subject of a PhD student’s research project aiming to measure the food, soil and water quality of greywater growing beds.

But first… it must be built! Martin Freney and a crew of Earthship Biotecture Academy Graduates will be leading a group of about 24 Earthship enthusiasts on a 5 week mission to land this Earthship – once and for all.

 Earthship Colombia
 Los Técnicos Earthship-Style Green Building Workshop near Bogotá, Colombia
January 15th – June 15th 2014
Free internship
colombia 2
Earthship Philippines – Volunteer
 philipeans 2
Earthship Biotecture is designing a wind proof structure to use as a prototype for rebuilding in the Philippines.  This recon/build is the first of several phases of rebuilding the affected areas of the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan.  
We will first be building the very simple version using primarily local/salvaged materials while we recon the area for the full on Windship Village.  We hope to be able to accommodate for all of those interested in participating over the course of a number of builds. This first Earthship will be built and used on a daily basis as a foodbunker and medical unit.
We are currently looking for 30 student soldiers to join us for this project. The fee for this project is $1,000.  All contributions go toward the project itself and the materials needed. Participants will work and learn alongside veteran Earthship crew.  Construction will take place on February 23rd – March 4th, 2014.
 Easter Island Earthship build opportunity
waster island

Earthship Biotecture is designing a flower Earthship to be used as a music school on Easter Island.

We plan to go there with twenty apprentices in early April.

We are seeking interested parties for a twelve day build of phase one of this project working beside Earthship Biotecture veteran team members on Easter Island.

The tuition for this event will be $1,000 per apprentice – funds to be used to help build the demo.

More information soon. At this time we are just gauging the interest for this event.
Please file in the form below to register interest only at this time.

 Earthship workshop, Karuna farm, India

Earthship Building with Alex Leeor. He will hands on teach you what he knows and share his experience. Be prepared for hard work and a very rewarding time. We are going to attempt to build with roof on by the end of this workshop!!! This is a rare opportunity so please dont miss out if you are thinking about building your own Earthship. This is a total immersion with a co-creative community atmosphere.

ATTEND ONE OR BOTH WEEKS  – week 1 – Feb 21st-26th. week 2 – feb 28th-March 5th 2014



info and application form here –

“The Earthship Biotecture Academy offers an extensive training in Earthship design principles and philosophy. We are looking for people who are excited about learning and living the Earthship philosophy, as well as helping to expand it globally.  Students of the Academy need to be self-reliant, and prepared to take care of themselves physically, financially and emotionally.

The program consists of sixty two hours of classroom study, two months of field work and an independent study.  The classroom studies and one month of field work can be completed during the two month session in Taos, New Mexico.”

 Here are the academy dates for 2014

2014 Earthship Academy

Session 1: March 10-April 4
Session 2: April 14-May 9
Session 3: May 19-June 27
Session 4: August 25-October 3
Session 5: October 13-November 7

Academy build, 2012 New Mexico

Academy build, 2012 New Mexico


If you have an event or build directly about Earthship Biotecture that you would like to post in regards to other learning opportunities, please get in contact with us at