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Building in NZ

Earthship principles and building methods are applicable and adaptable to all parts of the world and all climates including New Zealand’s which is in some areas characterised byrelatively mild temperatures and high intensity rainfall events.

Under this page you will find information about Earthships that have been or are in the process of being built in Aoteatoa/ New Zealand and technical data relating to complying Earthship buildings with the NZ Building Code. (This section is still under development and more information will be added soon).

Contact us at if you are building an Earthship in NZ and would like to add information about your project to this website.

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2 thoughts on “Building in NZ

  1. The finished building looks great, well done! I have been a student of Michael Reynolds work for a few years now, I use the essence of his principals in my own designs but rationalised so that ordinary New Zealanders can have access affordable ecologically friendly homes – in a time when the ‘goal posts’ keep moving further away…

    I am also slowly developing an Earthship style apartment underneath my pole house but am still at design stage due to time limitations.

    Please check out my website. Again well done!

  2. Hi, I live in Raglan and I’m planning on building an earthship in Huntly (Waikato). I want to make this dream a reality!

    Any advice, contacts, help you can offer would be massively appreciated.

    Thank you for your time


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